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They say, “Every picture tells a story.” We say, “Every picture tells YOUR story!”™ WRiTE BRAiN Books are richly-illustrated, textless books that inspire kids of all ages to author their very own book, igniting self-expression and inventive storytelling, while developing vitally important 21st Century skills.

For educators, it's an in-depth and exciting K-12 "Disguised Learning" program that yields incredible results for all types of students.

For parents, it's an opportunity to witness the evolution of your child’s expression, imagination, and unique voice.

For kids of all ages, it's a fun, self-esteem-boosting activity resulting in a published hardcover and digital copies of their very own stories.

As you know, kids today are constantly overloaded and over stimulated. Their experiences are shared instantly and forgotten quickly while their responses are automatic and auto-corrected. They text, type, scroll, and swipe while handwriting becomes a thing of our past. Today, kids' brains are being forced to develop fast-processing skills at the expense of vitally necessary, slow-processing skills. This is where WRiTE BRAiN comes in. WRiTE BRAiN provides the inspiration. KIDS provide the imagination!

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